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Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder is a kind of linear direction feeding equipment. It features smooth vibrating, reliable operation, long service life and being suitable for feeding. They are widely used in mining, building-material, silicate and chemical industry in the crushing and screening plants. In the Sand-Stone production line, it can send materials to crusher evenly and continuously and at the same time, it can screen materials roughly.

Capacity: 80-750t/h


Product Details

During the processing, this machine can transfer the bulk, granular materials to the crushers from the stock bin evenly and continuously in the given time. In the stone and sand production lines, it can feed the crushing equipments continuously and screen the materials coarsely. It is widely used in the crushing and screening equipments of metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, construction material, grinding industry, etc. With a smooth vibration, reliable, simple structure, to prevent dust pollution and so on.

Benefits Features

1 Advanced vibration mechanism with low energy consumption because of working on low critical near resonance state;

2 Adopt Silicon controlled rectifier half-wave rectifier control method, when operating, automatic control can be realized by adjust the development angle of silicon controlled.

3 Due to the instantaneous change or opening and closing for material flow, the feeding volume with high accuracy.

4 When operating, material will been throw up continuous, then jumping forward with parabolic trajectory, so that have less abrasion to screen cell.

5 Widely application, alloy screen cell feeder can used for conveying wear and corrosive materials, sealing structure feeder can used for high pollution and easy to dust material.

6 Feeder with features like small overall size, light weight, simple structure, no need lubrication and easy to maintenance.

Model Size of Trough(mm) Feeding Size(mm) Motor Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension(mm)
GZD-650X2300 650X2300 ≤300 1.1X2 80 2300X1360X780
ZSW-850X3000 850X3000 ≤400 7.5 80-120 3110X1800X1600
ZSW-960X3800 960X3800 ≤500 11 120-210 3850X1950X1630
ZSW-1100X4200 1100X4200 ≤580 15 200-430 4400X2050X1660
ZSW-1100X4900 1100X4900 ≤580 15 280-500 5200X2050X1700
ZSW-1300X4900 1300X4900 ≤650 22 450-600 5200X2350X1750
ZSW-1300x6000 1300x6000 ≤700 30 450-680 6100X2350X1750
ZSW-1500X6000 1500X6000 ≤1000 37 400-800 6100X2550X1860

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